Glam Shoot



As part of my effort to enhance my branding, I wanted to get professional pictures. I was truly getting tired of my fuzzy camera pictures and wanted to put together a shoot to showcase abilities, and most importantly, to get professional looking pictures. It was such a hectic but exciting day but the outcome was better than I expected!  [Read more…]

Bisola and Ash!

A few months ago, my friend, Toun informed me of her upcoming sister’s wedding and how she wanted me to be a part of the makeup team. I was honored by the request and eagerly awaited the day. The day finally came and I had the pleasure of giving 3 full makeovers plus a mini-one. I glammed the 2 bridesmaids, sister of the bride plus Toun’s daughter. If I had to describe the experience in one word, I would say, it was challenging! I was faced with a number of firsts in my makeup artistry journey

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I did THAT! I mean, I’ve had some incredible glamming experiences but this one is what I call a GLAM BEAT!!

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Black Opal Foundation

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a foundation hoarder! I’m always in search of the next amazing but moderately priced ( aka cheap) foundation lol.

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High on Heroine!

Yes, high on the lipstick heroine!





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The Crochet Life




Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m certain you’re aware of the new trend of naturalesque hair styles amongst sistas! Natural hair is all the rage and more! A friend of mine recently went natural and a few months after, I saw a picture of her rocking a voluminous twist out. I wondered what speedy hair growing concoction she was using, and if I could get some. Truth be told, I scrolled through her pics to find where she mentions product she uses and actually went and purchased some of the products she recommended. Fast forward a few months after, I get introduced to the world of crochet and realize, my friend did not attain a miraculous hair growth, it was simply the magic of crochet!! [Read more…]

Ariel weds Anthony!


Today was an exciting day! It was my friend, Ada’s brother’s wedding! For the past few weeks, I had been eagerly looking forward to the day! I was eager because for the first time in what seems like forever, the hubs and I were going out without the boys! The second source of my excitement was the fact that I was going to be glamming my heavily pregnant friend, Ada. Since the last time I had the pleasure to do Ada’s makeup, I had perfected some of my key makeup skills, so I was eager to test those skills out on her! [Read more…]

Purple Smokey



Magic happens when you least expect it as was the case of this look. I’ve had my eyes on a purple smokey eye look for a while, so I decided to give it a shot. I didnt quite have any expectations, but the final outcome blew me away! The look was soft, yet incredibly striking!

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Giving Eyes

Today was a  busy day! I installed a weave and glammed 2 faces all done while catering to the demands of my very needy 1 year old. [Read more…]

Ruby Woo Never Looked So Good

Soo today’s glamming was a special one. It was also one with a lot of expecpectations. I had the honor of giving my coworker,  Shaun,  who had been at the receiving end of my numerous glam stories, her own taste of the glam.  The glamming experience was relativity painless.  Shaun is the subject of the saying “black don’t crack”. Her skin is amazing!

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