Glam Shoot



As part of my effort to enhance my branding, I wanted to get professional pictures. I was truly getting tired of my fuzzy camera pictures and wanted to put together a shoot to showcase abilities, and most importantly, to get professional looking pictures. It was such a hectic but exciting day but the outcome was better than I expected!  [Read more…]

Something Borrowed



So how many of you have a dress you fell in love with, purchased, wore to an event, took a million pictures which get posted all over social media. You go back to the dress, but cant look at it the same way, let alone wear it! The travesty! You wouldn’t be caught in a dress that has been seen by all your friends, and social media fans. See, I call that the “Celebrity Syndrome”. With the advent of social media, cell phone cameras and easy uploads, more of us are suffering from the “Celebrity Syndrome” with closets full of clothes we love but as a result of the their over-exposure, we would not be caught dead in. Some clothes are fortunate enough to have only been seen by a certain group of friends, so before you decide to wear it, you do a mental roll-call of who saw you in it and when etc LOL. Yes I also am guilty.

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