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Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m certain you’re aware of the new trend of naturalesque hair styles amongst sistas! Natural hair is all the rage and more! A friend of mine recently went natural and a few months after, I saw a picture of her rocking a voluminous twist out. I wondered what speedy hair growing concoction she was using, and if I could get some. Truth be told, I scrolled through her pics to find where she mentions product she uses and actually went and purchased some of the products she recommended. Fast forward a few months after, I get introduced to the world of crochet and realize, my friend did not attain a miraculous hair growth, it was simply the magic of crochet!!

Apparently, crochet has been around for decades! It has attained a new level of popularity a result of the recent natural hair movement. Crochet is super easy to install and is gentle on one’s hair.  Those of us battling hair line issues can appreciate that.  Unlike weaves, crochet enables one to wear extensions that mimic and look like one’s natural hair texture! Its a natural’s dream! If you do not already know, I’m a naturalista. 8 years since the last perm with no end in sight. After looking through the crochet hashtag on Intstagram as well as countless youtube videos, I knew I had to get some crochet.

Crochet can be accomplished using any weft-free hair. Most people use marley hair since it mimics our natural hair. I know marley hair to be quite course and I quite frankly didn’t want to deal with that, so I decided to purchase the Femi kinky twist hair. I later ran into Bijoux marley hair which is softer than the typical marlely hair, so I decided to purchase it. For the style featured in this post, I used the Bijoux hair, but the Femi hair would’ve worked as well.


Items Needed:

  • Crochet needle (most urban beauty supply stores carry them. I purchased my from
  • 2 packs of hair (Femi hair can be purchased from and the bijoux hair I purchsed from ebay)
  • blue and yellow perm rods (Sally’s Beauty Supply sells them)


  1. Cut the hair in half
  2. Take a piece and brush from end to end
  3. Curl it with perm rods. I selected the rods randomly
  4. Place pre-curled hair in a bowl and pour hot water over it
  5. With rollers in, let hair dry as long as possible, preferably overnight
  6. While extensions are drying, conrow your hair into your pattern of preference- be sure you dont leave a part down the middle back section  of your hair
  7. After the extensions are dry, get to work crocheting –  Here’s a good video that shows the crochet technique –




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