I did THAT! I mean, I’ve had some incredible glamming experiences but this one is what I call a GLAM BEAT!!

If you’ve been following my story, you probably know that I’ve been working at this makeup game for the past few months. I have no formal makeup training but love transforming faces and have been steadily working on my makeup craft.

When Toun called me to get her makeup done, I was excited but also nervous because she’s one who has had a lot of experience with getting her makeup done and could probably easily notice if the application wasn’t up to par.

When she sent me the inspiration pic, my nervousness turned to excitement! The inspiration was of a bold smokey eye with nude lips. The look was different from what I’ve seen her typically wear and so I was eager to create it and give her a “new look”.




As my artistry has grown, one thing I’ve learnt is that “the devil’s in the details”! The details is what sets apart pro’s from amateurs, so I made it a point to work her face to flawlessness. Truth be told, she is naturally gorgeous with amazing features, but I do have to give myself some credit for the glam beat! I DID THAT!! I am so incredibly proud of the look and excited for the growth in my skills. Looking forward to continuing the trajectory on other faces!!PhotoGrid_1431828890205IMG_42811IMG_42821

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