Bisola and Ash!

A few months ago, my friend, Toun informed me of her upcoming sister’s wedding and how she wanted me to be a part of the makeup team. I was honored by the request and eagerly awaited the day. The day finally came and I had the pleasure of giving 3 full makeovers plus a mini-one. I glammed the 2 bridesmaids, sister of the bride plus Toun’s daughter. If I had to describe the experience in one word, I would say, it was challenging! I was faced with a number of firsts in my makeup artistry journey


The first face was that of a super light skinned lady. Her skin shade, coupled with the fact that she had red breakouts made my work more complex. I had to find a foundation that matched her and also had to conceal the redness and blemishes. With the power of color correcting and foundation mixing, I was able to make her relatively flawless. She wanted a subtle look so I kept it at a minimum. Here is the resulting look:


The second face was that of an Asian lady. This was my first foray into glamming a non-black face. Her skin was surprisingly easy to work with, the challenge, as expected, were her mono lid eyes. The eye shadow and eyelash application experience were very interesting but we managed to make it happen.



The last full face was that of the sister of the bride, whose makeup I did a week prior for her prom. I was eager for a face I was familiar with but as with the first time I did her makeup, I struggled with working around her hyperpigmentation. After the last makeover I gave her, she commented that it was too light so I tried to go change change it up  this time. I wasnt entirely pleased with the outcome but for sure took away lessons for the future.


With the experience of this day of this day behind me, I now look ahead to continuing in my effort to grow my skills and perfect my craft!

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