Date Night!

If you’ve made your way to the Glam2Capacity page of this blog, you’ve probably seen the post about the makeovers I gave during Bisola and Ash’s wedding. That day didn’t end at the makeovers, it ended with date night with Blaise and I 😉


Raising our boys primarily by ourselves, alone time is pretty much non-existent. Our lives revolve squarely around our boys and catering to their needs. Don’t get me wrong, we love our babies and have a blast spending time with them, that said, it is essential for a healthy marriage to make time for each other. When the chance to attend this wedding came up with the stipulation of “no kids”, I was excited because it meant I was going to have some alone time with my husband.

Beyond figuring out the logistics for my wedding aso ebi, the next headache was childcare. I was initially going to utilize the baby sitting service I had recently discovered (future post on that), but my dearest friend, Love, offered to baby sit. Love has 3 boys, the older of which are best buds of Temi; they love their play dates and have a boyish fun time. It was therefore a win-win for me because I knew my boys were in good care but also having a good time with their friends, while I was able to spend time with my boo.


Having no family in my immediate vicinity, its key to have resources I can lean on. I can truly say that my friendships with ladies who also have children have been the greatest source of support and joy in my motherhood journey. With these ladies, I share my joys and struggles of motherhood. I am able to share the ever present challenge of trying to do it all; keeping up the balancing act of family needs and the demands of career aspirations. I encourage other ladies out there to seek out similar friendships. Not that one cannot maintain, or appreciate friendships with those in different circumstances, but the joy that comes with having someone that can clearly relate to your struggles, especially when it comes to kids, is unparalleled.


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