About Me


Hello there, my name is Fisayo, I’m a wife, mommy to two rambunctious yummy boys, project manager by day and freelance makeup artist. My life is chaotic, to say the least, but amidst the temper-tantrums and dirty diapers, mommy wants to feel beautiful as I bet you do!!

As women, mothers, wives, we have a myriad of competing priorities trapping us in a rat race that forces our upkeep to the back-burner. Over the course of the past few years, experience has helped me acquire an array of tips and short-cuts that better help me keep up the juggling act!! I’m  finally figuring out how to do it all while maintaining my glam and most importantly, sanity! I know there are many ladies who can relate to the struggle, as a result, I could not selfishly keep my tips to myself! I needed to provide the voice I often wish I had during those exasperating times. This blog is therefore created to inform and empower other ladies to know that you too can successfully execute your life duties without sacrificing your glam! If by chance you have fallen off the wagon, know that you absolutely have what it takes to get back on!

So with this blog, I will be sharing tips, resources, experiences from my life, and also my journey as a freelance makeup artist! So ladies, if this speaks to you in any way, please join me, as we strive to live Glam2Capacity!