Ariel weds Anthony!


Today was an exciting day! It was my friend, Ada’s brother’s wedding! For the past few weeks, I had been eagerly looking forward to the day! I was eager because for the first time in what seems like forever, the hubs and I were going out without the boys! The second source of my excitement was the fact that I was going to be glamming my heavily pregnant friend, Ada. Since the last time I had the pleasure to do Ada’s makeup, I had perfected some of my key makeup skills, so I was eager to test those skills out on her! [Read more…]

Purple Smokey



Magic happens when you least expect it as was the case of this look. I’ve had my eyes on a purple smokey eye look for a while, so I decided to give it a shot. I didnt quite have any expectations, but the final outcome blew me away! The look was soft, yet incredibly striking!

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Giving Eyes

Today was a  busy day! I installed a weave and glammed 2 faces all done while catering to the demands of my very needy 1 year old. [Read more…]

What’s the Lesson?



What a day! Matter of fact, what a week! Yes, Yes, I’m aware its only Tuesday. This has been a rough week for me, to say the least. I’ve been extremely stressed out by work. My poor husband has been on the receiving end of my rants and complaints. This morning, during my typical recantation of my struggles  etc.,  Blaise asked me a question. When he initially posed the question, I was so caught up in my tirade that I didn’t entertain the question. After I stepped away, I paused to reflect on what he had asked. His question was “what can you learn from this experience?”

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For the Love of Puff Puff!


So as a busy momma, I’m constantly in search of shortcuts to make my life easier. One of my recent favs is puff puff aka fried dough, yes, I know it sounds heavily calorie-laden, and it infact is, but the taste justifies it :). Those of us from West Africa are familiar with these delish snacks that are often fried over open fire on street corners.

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Ruby Woo Never Looked So Good

Soo today’s glamming was a special one. It was also one with a lot of expecpectations. I had the honor of giving my coworker,  Shaun,  who had been at the receiving end of my numerous glam stories, her own taste of the glam.  The glamming experience was relativity painless.  Shaun is the subject of the saying “black don’t crack”. Her skin is amazing!

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Wedding Makeup Inspiration


So when it comes to weddings, the makeup is a huuge deal. Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Its funny I say this now, because when I got married, I didn’t quite get the concept of makeup! The irony, huh? Unlike most brides that meticulously search for the “perfect” makeup artist, I used the first one I found! What was I thinking?!  [Read more…]

Something Borrowed



So how many of you have a dress you fell in love with, purchased, wore to an event, took a million pictures which get posted all over social media. You go back to the dress, but cant look at it the same way, let alone wear it! The travesty! You wouldn’t be caught in a dress that has been seen by all your friends, and social media fans. See, I call that the “Celebrity Syndrome”. With the advent of social media, cell phone cameras and easy uploads, more of us are suffering from the “Celebrity Syndrome” with closets full of clothes we love but as a result of the their over-exposure, we would not be caught dead in. Some clothes are fortunate enough to have only been seen by a certain group of friends, so before you decide to wear it, you do a mental roll-call of who saw you in it and when etc LOL. Yes I also am guilty.

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2015, the Year of Decisions…not Resolutions!


As I lay in bed, on the first day of the year, with my yummy boys flanked on both sides, I cannot but thank God for his mercies in seeing us through to the beginning of another year! I don’t know about you,  but 2014 for me, was remarkable! Goodness, so much happpened!

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The Struggle is Real!


“Beat Face”, in the true sense of “Beat”!

My life is a delicate balance of a myriad of carefully  planned activities ; any mishap and it all could go haywire. I sneak out of bed an hour before my crew wakes up, so I can have my moment of sanity, where I shower and do my mini-glam to prep for work. [Read more…]